Guiding Principles

East-West Gateway’s Guiding Principles have been stewarding regional plans for more than a decade. As a lot has changed over this time and some priorities have shifted in the face of new challenges. It is important to realign the principles so they best reflect the region’s current priorities. As a part of Connected 2050, EWG staff sought to hear what is most important to people throughout the St. Louis region to reshape the Guiding Principles.

Following months of comprehensive community engagement, EWG staff developed the following principles:

Input from the general public, our Board of Directors, local experts, and stakeholders from all over our region, helped shape the revised Guiding Principles. We have added new principles, tweaked old ones, and sorted them all into thematic categories.

These Guiding Principles were officially adopted by the EWG Board of Directors on October 26th, 2022. They will now guide investments included in Connected 2050 and beyond. If you have any thoughts or questions about our new Guiding Principles, you can email the EWG team at

To see a full definition of each Guiding Principle, click here.

Recent memos created during the Guiding Principles update process:

Code of Federal Regulations 23 CFR 450.32
Check out the federal requirements for EWG to prepare a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) also known as a LRTP.

Guiding Principles
Learn how we updated the region’s Guiding Principles as part of the Connected 2050 process.

Transportation Equity Assessment
Learn more about transportation equity in the region through an assessment of past investments and current conditions.


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