Where We Stand

The Strategic Assessment of the St. Louis Region

Where We Stand 7th EditionSince 1992 East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) has produced WWS to ignite discussion and help guide decision making. WWS covers a range of topics important to the region including demographics, the economy, and education.

Where We Stand – 7th Edition

The 7th Edition of WWS, released in July 2015, presents 222 rankings comparing St. Louis among the 50 most populous metropolitan areas in the United States. This edition includes 90 new measures on topics such as innovation, segregation, and economic opportunity.

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Where We Stand Updates

Where We Stand Updates are short publications that are periodically released to update St. Louis’ standing based on new data or provide further insight on a specific topic.

7th Edition PDFs and Data

Complete 7th Edition (PDF)

Individual Chapters (individual PDF files for faster download)

Data for the 222 Where We Stand tables in the 7th Edition. Two download options:

Event Series for the 7th Edition

In 2015 and 2016, EWG held three public events to explore topics covered by the 7th Edition of WWS.  Use the links below to watch the event series videos.

Event 1 - How do Rankings Tell St. Louis’ Story?
How does the St. Louis region measure up according to the numbers? Does perception match reality? How should we use rankings to tell our story? On October 14th, 2015, leading St. Louis journalists discussed how we talk about St. Louis and rankings from EWG’s WWS 7th Edition.

Event 2 - Economic Growth & Racial Equity: How can St. Louis compete in the global economy?
On January 27th, 2016, panelists explored the complex interaction of workforce development, regional competitiveness, and racial equity in the St. Louis region with a focus on two questions: 1) Does the region have the human capital it needs to compete in the world economy? 2) How can the region ensure that opportunities in the new economy are shared by all? Two recent publications provided context for the discussion: Where We Stand: The Strategic Assessment of the St. Louis Region shows how St. Louis compares to other regions and Ruth Sergenian discussed her recent essay from the latest edition of St. Louis Currents on the St. Louis economy after the Great Recession.

Event 3 - St. Louis is Aging: Are we ready?
Over the next 30 years, the number of St. Louis residents 65 or older will increase by 77 percent; an increase of 288,000 people. By 2045, one out of every four people in the region will be over the age of 65. On May 4th, panelists discussed the needs of the rapidly growing senior population and how we compare nationally. What policies and resources are needed to address this population shift? What is already being done in the St. Louis region? What are the areas that need to be addressed more fully?

WWS Preview Blog Series

In weeks leading up to the release of the 7th Edition the EWG blog featured commentaries from people who work in various fields in the St. Louis area. The blog posts touch on a handful of the data points from the 7th Edition and provide some context to the data.

EWG Blog and WWS Survey Summary Report

  • Visit the EWG blog to review posts about WWS topics.
  • Review the WWS Survey Summary Report to review the feedback EWG received in March 2015 about how WWS can be of most use to current and potential users of the document and a description of how the responses are being incorporated into the WWS series.

Looking for Prior WWS Editions and Updates?

EWG’s Library contains important agency documents including those from prior years.  Use the link below to access WWS Editions 1 through 6 and the associated WWS updates.

WWS Editions & Updates


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