Community Engagement

East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) has always had a strong commitment to public involvement in its regional decision-making processes. EWG’s Board of Directors make transportation-related decisions affecting everything from the vitality of the St. Louis region’s economy to the daily lives of the region’s citizens. EWG’s work impacts the region’s environment and neighborhoods. Public guidance and advice are a vital consideration in how EWG allocates millions of dollars to transportation and other projects in the St. Louis region.

Public Involvement Plan

The expectations and procedures for public involvement in the St. Louis region’s transportation planning and other process are outlined in EWG’s Public Involvement Plan. The Public Involvement Plan, which was most recently updated in 2019, specifies EWG’s public involvement goals, objectives, and strategies and provides information on the agency’s approach to community engagement in the development of plans and programs. In addition, East-West Gateway has a Public Involvement Advisory Committee.

Connect With EWG

There are several ways you can stay informed about open houses, public meetings, and other opportunities to engage with EWG.


Contact EWG staff by phone at (314) 421.4220 or (618) 274.2750 or by email at