Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

An intelligent transportation system (ITS)  uses state of the art technology to improve travel on a region’s major roadways. Behind ITS is the surprisingly simple idea to provide drivers with accurate, timely information so they make better transportation decisions that improve traffic flow, and to assist motorists and emergency response crews in the event of a traffic incident.  The U.S. Department of Transportation has developed the National ITS Architecture which regional entities tailor to develop regional ITS architectures.

ITS Diagram

St. Louis Regional ITS Architecture

In 2015, East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) completed a comprehensive update of the ITS Architecture for the St. Louis region. The ITS Architecture update was completed with the participation of the region’s ITS stakeholders.

The completed Architecture provides a framework for the planning and development of technology projects that improve the safety and efficiency of travel in the St. Louis region. This framework complements EWG’s Long-Range Transportation Plan and Congestion Management Process for the St. Louis region and has identified a series of ITS projects that will further public mobility and safety through expanded collection and exchange of transportation network information, along with improved coordination between transportation agencies.


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