Sustainability Planning

In 2011, East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) received a Sustainable Communities Initiative regional planning grant. Over the course of three years, EWG and 11 partner organizations worked together to create OneSTL, a regional plan for sustainable development.

OneSTL - Many Communities. One Future.

The plan seeks to provide a set of goals and strategies that any person, group, or agency can use to work toward a more prosperous, healthy, and vibrant region. EWG hosts the plan and is leading the effort on several OneSTL initiatives, which are outlined below.

OneSTL Sustainability Lab

The Sustainability Lab @ T-Rex is a hub of collaboration for people working on, learning about, and advocating for sustainability. This event was initially established to give the many organizations working on projects related to OneSTL the opportunity to meet regularly and share their successes, lessons, and challenges.

OneSTL Network

Following the creation of the plan, the OneSTL Network was established to build upon the partnerships formed to create OneSTL, recognize people and organizations in the region working toward sustainability, and provide opportunities to exchange information and collaborate.  Membership is open to both individuals and organizations.

OneSTL Sustainability Summit

The 2017 Sustainability Summit was the inaugural St. Louis region-wide sustainability conference that took place on April 5, 2017 at the Eric P. Newman Education Center located on the Washington University campus. The 2017 Sustainability Summit covered seven different sustainability topics, including materials and recycling, energy and emissions, and biodiversity.


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