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Kiefer Creek Septic Feasibility Study

In 2021 – 2022 East-West Gateway undertook a study to determine the feasibility of developing a repair, replace, and connect program for homes with septic systems in the Kiefer Creek watershed. The study examined whether funding for such a program currently exists and if it would be needed and welcomed by residents in the watershed. The assumptions and methodology of the study are intended to be used in other watersheds. For more information, please email


Understanding and maintaining your home’s septic system

  • It saves you money! $150 – $300 for periodic pump outs is a bargain compared to the thousands needed to repair or replace your septic system.
  • It protects your property value and can make it easier to sell your home. No one wants to buy a house with a failing septic system.
  • It protects your health and the health of your family and neighbors. Household wastewater contains disease causing bacteria and viruses and high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. If a septic system is well-maintained and working properly, it will remove most of these pollutants. Insufficiently treated sewage from septic systems can cause groundwater contamination, which can spread disease in humans and animals. Improperly treated sewage poses the risk of contaminating nearby surface waters threatening swimmers with various infectious diseases, from eye and ear infections to acute gastrointestinal illness and hepatitis.
  • It protects the environment. In the U.S., more than four billion gallons of wastewater are dispersed below the ground’s surface every day. Ground water contaminated by poorly or untreated household wastewater poses dangers to drinking water and to the environment. Malfunctioning septic systems release bacteria, viruses, and chemicals toxic to local waterways. When these pollutants are released into the ground, they eventually enter streams, rivers, lakes, and more, harming local ecosystems by killing native plants, fish, and shellfish.

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