Corridor Planning / MetroLink

Corridor Planning

East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) conducts corridor-level transportation planning, an important part of the long-range transportation planning process.  These planning efforts take needs identified in the Long-Range Transportation Plan, refine the understanding of those needs, and evaluate potential transportation strategies to address them.  Corridor-level transportation planning takes place primarily within the context of Major Transportation Investment Analyses (MTIAs) and reflects both the St. Louis region’s concern about coordination and cooperation among the major transportation planning and implementing agencies and the need for a strategic process to evaluate and advance specific transportation investments.

The end result of these planning efforts is the selection of an investment strategy that best meets needs in the corridor and which fits within the region’s financial capacity. Corridor plans are the nexus between the long-range plan and project development.

Envision I-70

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), in collaboration with their regional planning partners, EWG and Metro, has embarked on a unique endeavor to develop a transportation vision of the I-70 corridor, called Envision I-70. The study area is from just west of the I-70/I-64 interchange in Wentzville and continues through the New Mississippi River Bridge complex to the end of the express lanes in downtown St. Louis City. The study area is densely developed with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial land uses. The study is being managed by MoDOT and is being closely coordinated with EWG and Metro and is drawing on past regional transportation plans.


As part of its corridor planning, EWG conducts studies of MetroLink expansion.

Northside-Southside MetroLink Corridor Conceptual Design Study

Northside-Southside MetroLink Alignment MapEWG previously studied the Northside-Southside MetroLink Corridor in 2000 and in 2008.  Currently, EWG is working with the city of St. Louis to complete a Conceptual Design Study of the Northside-Southside MetroLink Corridor.  Northside-Southside is the vision for a street-running, modern light rail line that would encourage sustainable new development and investment in St. Louis’ most underserved neighborhoods. The Northside-Southside light rail expansion would connect neighborhoods with the St. Louis region’s highest transit ridership and need while encouraging economic growth and redevelopment. It would also expand access to job and educational opportunities for thousands of St. Louisans, helping to make us a more prosperous and connected St. Louis region. The 2017 Northside-Southside study will result in the selection of a locally preferred alternative for a portion of the Northside-Southside MetroLink Corridor. This study will provide regional leaders information and public feedback to help inform public transit decisions. This study is also necessary to apply for federal transit funding to construct the proposed line. For more information on the current study and project maps, please see the project’s website and follow @northsouthstl on Twitter and Instagram.

Prior MetroLink Corridor Studies

MetroLink TrainIn prior years, EWG also completed studies of MetroLink expansion for a Cross-County Corridor, a three-corridor study that included the Daniel Boone, Northside, and Southside corridors, MetroSouth, Madison County, and the Northside-Southside Corridor.  You can find additional study documents in the Library.


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