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Local Public Agency Workshop –

TIP Design Workshop

On May 2, 2024, MoDOT is conducting a construction workshop for Local Public Agencies. Register for Workshop…

New/Updated Projects


Regional Anti-Violence Initiative

Regional Anti-Violence Inititative

Regional Anti-Violence Initiative: EWG and the Center for the Study and Practice of Violence Prevention (VRC) began hosting a work group to draft a plan to reduce homicides by 20 percent utilizing the proven anti-violence method of focused deterrence. More Info…


EWG News

Great Streets Planning Panel

All the latest information and news at East-West Gateway is available at our new section called EWG News.More Info…

Metrolink: Northside-Southside
Jefferson Alignment

Corridor Planning - Metrolink Green Line

Corridor Planning: Northside-Southside Jefferson Alignment – Green Line: EWG’s Board of Directors voted to approve a revised route for a proposed new MetroLink “Green Line.” More Info…


Briefings: Jobs Board

Briefings Jobs Board

Briefings Jobs Board: The job listings are provided as a service to our member governments and are updated weekly. Job postings run for up to four editions. More Info…


Briefings: Available Grants

Briefings Available Grants

Funding programs operated by state and federal partners.More Info…


Map of the Month for April 2024

Map of the Month

Map: Tornado Touchdowns and Paths, 1950-2022 – April 2024 More Info…

Public Officials Directory (POD)

2023 POD

2023 Public Officials Directory (POD)

2023 Public Officials Directory: The 2023 edition of our Public Officials Directory is a reference guide containing contact information for federal, state, county and municipal elected officials and their key personnel in the St. Louis (MO-IL) region as well as fire/ambulance and school districts and selected regional organizations.

2023 POD Changes Only

2021 Public Officials Directory Changes

Click here to view just the changes made since being published on July 31, 2023.

Transportation Planning

Infrastructure Investment
and Jobs Act

Learn about the November 2021 infrastructure law and view the reference guide for IIJA grant programs, resources, and open Notices of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs) Find out more…

Transportation Plan 2050

Find out more about Connected 2050, the region’s newest update to the Long-Range Transportation Plan.

LRP Performance

Federal legislation requires a performance-based approach during the transportation planning process. Click here to see EWG’s performance dashboard for Long Range Planning.

Current Newsletters

Local Government Briefings: A weekly online newsletter that contains local government information, news, resources, and job listings.

Where We Stand Updates: Periodic newsletters that highlight specific focus areas in Where We Stand. Current issue: Update 11, April 2023 – Roadway Congestion in Urban Areas