Great Streets Initiative: West Florissant Avenue

In 2014, East-West Gateway completed the third round of Great Streets demonstration projects with the West Florissant Avenue project.  The round three project was funded through federal transportation planning grants and local funds provided by the project sponsor.

West Florissant Avenue is located in the northern part St. Louis County, West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Master PlanMissouri and the corridor spans the cities of Dellwood and Ferguson.  EWG in collaboration with the city of Dellwood, the city of Ferguson, St. Louis County, and other key stakeholders developed the West Florissant Avenue Great Streets Master Plan.  The community’s goal for the planning process was to re-imagine West Florissant Avenue to help improve economic conditions, create an attractive sense of place, and help vehicles, bicyclists, and people move safely through the corridor.  The planning process for the West Florissant Avenue project included community engagement and feedback, an examination of existing conditions (e.g. land use and zoning, community design and character, transportation, infrastructure and environment, market conditions), a market study / economic analysis, an alternatives analysis, the development of a preferred alternative for land use and transportation in the corridor, and an implementation plan.