Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour

In June 2017 the Water Resources Committee (WRC) visited the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) Bissell Point Wastewater Treatment Plant. Jay Hoskins, P.E., of MSD (yellow vest) gave the WRC a tour of the facility from the intake pump station to primary and secondary treatment sections to final clarifying. The Bissell Point plant is located in the City of St. Louis and is one of two plants serving the portion of the Mississippi River watershed within MSD.

Beginning of the tour (Jay Hoskins in yellow vest)
Influent pump station – pumping wastewater from collection system to elevation of treatment plant
Influent pump station – ground level 2
Grit screen removal equipment
Grit separation pond
Outside grit collection building
Inside grit collection building 3
Primary clarifiers
Primary clarifiers
Primary clarifiers, floodwall and Mississippi River
Primary clarifiers looking west
Secondary treatment – trickling filter structures

Discharge at end of secondary treatment – moving on to final clarifiers
Sampling point in treatment process – in chlorination and dechlorination building
Section of activated sludge secondary treatment unit which is no longer in use.
After Anheuser‐Busch began on‐site pretreatment, MSD took unit out of service.
Final clarifier
Solids Handling Building (sludge press and incinerator)
Post solids processing slurry basins –residue is mixed with water and placed in basins. After water evaporates, dried material is removed and disposed of in landfill.
End product



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