Long-Range Transportation Planning

East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) is responsible for developing the St. Louis region’s Long-Range Transportation Plan. This plan offers EWG’s vision and priorities for the St. Louis transportation system including highways, bridges, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian routes, and serves as the framework for regional transportation decision-making and investments.  This document is updated every four years and must balance technical needs, budgetary constraints, and public desires.


The current editions of the Long-Range Plan, Connected2045-Update, the State of the System Report, and the Air Quality Conformity Determination were adopted by EWG’s Board of Directors on June 26, 2019.

The update process included a survey of needs and priorities for the region’s transportation system, evaluations of major state highway and regional transit system projects, updated strategies and air quality conformity determination, and federal performance measures and targets for the region.

Public Involvement in the Long-Range Planning Process

Public input and engagement is central to the success of EWG’s long-range planning efforts and EWG is committed to engaging stakeholders in a variety of ways.  EWG conducted public outreach during the Connected2045 development process by conducting a speaker series, workshops, and a formal public comment period.

Facts and Trends

Connected2045: Facts and Trends - 2018Connected2045 also identified key facts and trends about current and future mobility for the St. Louis region, like:

  • The average St. Louisan drives 26.6 miles per day.
  • $8,469 is the annual average cost of car ownership versus $936 for monthly Metro passes for a year.
  • 20 percent more St. Louisans lived in poverty in 2016 than in 2000.

Emerging Transportation Technology

St. Louis Region Emerging Transportation Technology Strategic PlanThe St. Louis Region Emerging Transportation Technology Strategic Plan was developed in response to the rapidly advancing technologies that are already disrupting the transportation industry and challenging policymakers involved in transportation planning and investment decision making.  The plan is designed to help EWG better position itself to prepare for emerging transportation technologies in its planning and investment decision making processes.

Technology in Motion:  Morning Session for the 2017 East-West Gateway Annual Meeting

The presentations from the 2017 East-West Gateway Annual Meeting Morning Session are listed below. Each presentation discusses the implications of new and emerging technologies on our region, state, and country.


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