Illinois Great Streets Project Application 2022

As with all Great Streets Initiative detailed plan efforts, this project will include a variety of planning disciplines and practitioners addressing land use, transportation, local market and economy, environmental systems, related governance issues, and other topics pertinent to the selected project area. This project team will spend some time investigating how the selected project area is performing in each of these areas, and will bring this existing conditions analysis to the community for a discussion about aspirations and challenges. The vision that is then established will provide the framework for all of the planning work as the effort moves forward.

As the project team develops options, further conversation with the community narrows the list to a clear direction, then helps refine a final detailed plan and the implementation framework to make the plan reality.

Outreach and conversation is broad based and iterative from start to finish. Recommendations in the resulting plan are practical, aspirational, and clarified with their own scope, schedule, budget, and sequencing recommendations.

The process is thorough and built to develop direction and support. The plan document will be a graphic and easily readable record of the process, vision, and tool for implementing an array of integrated recommendations.