Illinois Great Streets Project Application 2022
Project Schedule

The entire process is defined by three distinct segments; Project Selection, Consultant Procurement, and the Planning Process.

We are in the project selection process. Once project applications are submitted, EWG staff will review the applications, visiting the proposed site locations and weighing the submittals against the Great Streets program principles, local commitment to the process, and likelihood of plan implementation. We anticipate a three week period to make a selection.

With the project selected, EWG staff will work with the selected project sponsor to refine a consultant solicitation scope. EWG will then post a request for proposals for planning services, which will be open for approximately one month. During this period, EWG staff and the project sponsor will hold a consultant pre-submittal meeting for interested consultants to define the program and outline the specific project. After the consultant proposals are submitted and evaluated, we anticipate (though do not require) interviewing selected finalists. Directly following the interviews, a selection committee meets to select the preferred and alternate consultant team. EWG staff then recommends the selection to the EWG board of directors (anticipated January 2023 meeting), requesting authorization to negotiate and enter into a contract.

Due to the numerous requirements associated with the federal funds being used for this project, EWG will administer the consultant procurement process and the resulting consultant contract. However, evaluation of the consultant proposals, conducting the candidate interviews, and selection of the consultant team will be done collaboratively with the local project sponsor.

Prior to executing the consultant contract, the match funding agreement between EWG and the local project sponsor must be completed.

The actual consultant work is expected to take 8 – 10 months to complete (Spring 2023 – Winter 2024). The planning process schedule will be coordinated with the selected consultant and finalized during contract negotiations.