Connected 2050 Timeline

Creating Connected 2050, the new Long-Rang Transportation Plan for St. Louis, is a long but important process. Work began back in January 2020, and the final plan will be submitted for approval in June 2023. Check back here for updates to the timeline and more information about the project schedule.

Project Schedule Overview

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Project Timeline Tasks:

Update the Existing Guiding Principles

• Work updating the existing Guiding Principles is underway. A comprehensive community engagement process and in-depth look at past priorities will help shape the new Guiding Principles. They will be finalized this fall, and will guide project evaluation and selection. Click here for more information.
Task Completion: September 2022

Transportation Equity Analysis

• As a part of the Connected 2050 planning process, EWG is examining past transportation investments in our region through an equity lens. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis is underway. Click here for more information.
Task Completion: October 2022

System Performance Tracking

• Each Long-Range Transportation Plan contains a detailed State of the System Report. This report provides data and analysis on how our transportation system performs and the condition of our regional infrastructure. System evaluation continues until the draft of the plan is submitted. Click here to view our performance dashboard.
Task Completion: February 2023

Project Evaluation and Selection

• Each Long-Range Transportation Plan includes a list of regionally significant, fiscally-constrained transportation projects. EWG will being soliciting new projects for inclusion in Connected 2050 in July, and final evaluation with occur after the update to the Guiding Principles and the Transportation Equity Analysis.
Task Completion: February 2023

Air Quality Conformity Analysis

• EWG monitors and reports on the Air Quality conformity for our region. This includes both the existing transportation system and the forecasted effect of budgeted projects. This analysis will happen in tandem with other system evaluations and project selection.
Task Completion: February 2023


• Public engagement is the bedrock of our planning process. Different engagement opportunities are happening through the entire project timeline. A final public comment period will follow the publication of the draft plan. Click here for more information about how to get involved.
Task Completion: June 2023

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Connected 2050 Timeline

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