Guiding Principles

East-West Gateway’s 10 Guiding Principles have been stewarding regional plans for more than a decade. As a lot has changed over this time and priorities may have shifted in the face of new challenges. It is important to realign the principles so they best reflect the region’s current priorities. As a part of Connected 2050, EWG staff seeks to hear what is most important to people throughout the St. Louis region to reshape the Guiding Principles.

Below are the current Guiding Principles, located in the most recent Long-Range Transportation Plan, Connected2045:

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Many of the existing Guiding Principles are linked, as seen in the image on the right. This is intentional: many aspects of good transportation planning are interconnected. Yet we may be able to present these issues in a different way, one that is easier to understand.

Additionally, new issues have become prominent in recent years, such as the resiliency of our transportation networks in the face of flooding and severe weather. Thus, there may be new Principles needed to help guide investments moving forward.

Updating the Guiding Principles will ensure that East-West Gateway and regional partners focus on the goals and outcomes that are most important to our region and support community- and data-informed decisions.

Recent memos created during the Guiding Principles update process:

Input from the public, local governments, community organizations and others in the St. Louis region will shape the new Guiding Principles.

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