Transportation Equity Analysis

As a part of the Connected 2050 planning process, EWG is examining past transportation investments in our region through an equity lens. This analysis will examine how transportation funding has historically been spent across different types of projects and geographic areas within our region, and how those investments have affected different populations. The analysis will provide a framework for analyzing future transportation decisions and their impacts on the region’s communities.


The Transportation Equity Analysis will follow this methodology:

  • Identify populations to consider
  • Analyze current conditions
  • Conduct a qualitative historical analyses of investments since 1947
  • Conduct a quantitative analysis of investments over the past 10-15 years

The goal is to develop a framework for not just analyzing past investments, but to evaluate future investments as well. The final Transportation Equity Analysis will include recommendations for evaluating the transportation projects in Connected 2050 and future plans.
A draft of the Historical Analysis is underway now. All final Transportation Equity Analysis documentation will be included in Connected 2050. (updated June 2022)
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