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Call for Projects

Section 5310 Call for Projects-2021
East-West Gateway is accepting project applications for the Section 5310 program, including COVID-19 relief funds now through September 7, 2021. Click here to learn more.

Public Officials Directory (POD)

POD Directory

2021 Public Officials Directory (POD)

2021 Public Officials Directory: The 2021 edition of our Public Officials Directory is now complete. This reference guide contains contact information for federal, state, county and municipal elected officials and their key personnel in the St. Louis (MO-IL) region as well as fire/ambulance and school districts and selected regional organizations.

POD Changes Only

2021 Public Officials Directory Changes

Click here to get a snapshot of the changes made since being published on July 31, 2021.

Transportation Planning

Metro Security

Metro Security Scorecard – Quarter Two – 2021: The scorecard provides a way to track Metro’s progress toward implementing the comprehensive security strategy.

LRP Performance Dashboard

Federal legislation requires a performance-based approach during the transportation planning process. Click here to see EWG’s performance dashboard for Long Range Planning.

Congestion Management Report

Each year EWG produces a congestion report identifying congested locations on the region’s transportation system. Click here to read/download the 2020 Annual Congestion Report.

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Local Government Briefings:
A weekly online newsletter that contains local government information, resources, news, and job listings.
Where We Stand Updates:
Periodic newsletters that highlight specific focus areas in Where We Stand. Current issue: Update 9: Population Estimates.