The Regional ITS architecture is an integral part of the planning process, providing a structured way to translate operational objectives and strategies into an interconnected set of ITS projects. This page identifies the planning objectives and strategies that are supported by the regional ITS architecture.

1.1ObjectiveIntegrate ITS into Regional Planning / Projects 1
1.2ObjectiveIntegrate ITS into Regional Planning / Projects 2
1.3ObjectiveIntegrate ITS into Regional Planning / Projects 3
1.4ObjectiveIntegrate ITS into Regional Planning / Projects 4
1.5ObjectiveIntegrate ITS into Regional Planning / Projects 5
2.1ObjectiveMultimodal Travel Data 1
2.2ObjectiveMultimodal Travel Data 2
2.3ObjectiveMultimodal Travel Data 3
2.4ObjectiveMultimodal Travel Data 4
3.1ObjectiveReal Time Travel Info 1
3.2ObjectiveReal Time Travel Info 2
3.3ObjectiveReal Time Travel Info 3
3.4ObjectiveReal Time Travel Info 4
3.5ObjectiveReal Time Travel Info 5
3.6ObjectiveReal Time Travel Info 6
4.1ObjectiveSafety and Security 1
4.2ObjectiveSafety and Security 2
4.3ObjectiveSafety and Security 3
4.4ObjectiveSafety and Security 4
4.5ObjectiveSafety and Security 5
4.6ObjectiveSafety and Security 6
4.7ObjectiveSafety and Security 7
5.1ObjectiveExisting Infrastructure 1
5.2ObjectiveExisting Infrastructure 2
5.3ObjectiveExisting Infrastructure 3
5.4ObjectiveExisting Infrastructure 4
5.5ObjectiveExisting Infrastructure 5
5.6ObjectiveExisting Infrastructure 6
6.1ObjectiveImprove Multimodal Transportation 1
6.2ObjectiveImprove Multimodal Transportation 2
6.3ObjectiveImprove Multimodal Transportation 3
6.4ObjectiveImprove Multimodal Transportation 4
7.1ObjectiveEvaluation of Transportation Network 1
7.2ObjectiveEvaluation of Transportation Network 2
7.3ObjectiveEvaluation of Transportation Network 3
7.4ObjectiveEvaluation of Transportation Network 4
7.5ObjectiveEvaluation of Transportation Network 5