Public Involvement Plan Update

On March 27, 2019, East-West Gateway Council of Governments (EWG) published the draft Public Involvement Plan update. The Public Involvement Plan sets forth goals, strategies and processes designed to ensure all residents of the St. Louis area can participate in decision making on regional issues.

EWG is accepting comments from the public on this draft document from March 27 to May 10, 2019.  Following the close of this comment period, the final Public Involvement Plan will be presented to EWG’s Board of Directors for approval.

Open Houses

EWG will hold three public open houses to provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the Public Involvement Plan and meet community engagement staff:

  • April 16 — 3-6 p.m., The Heights Community Center (8001 Dale Ave., Richmond Heights)
  • April 23 — 3-6 p.m., Illinois Department of Transportation, District 8 office (1102 Eastport Plaza Dr., Collinsville)
  • May 2 — 4-6 p.m., East-West Gateway office (1 S. Memorial Dr., Suite 1600, St. Louis)

What’s in the Public Involvement Plan?

The mission of EWG’s Public Involvement Plan is to create meaningful engagement opportunities that are accessible to everyone. The Plan contains:

  • Background information on EWG’s role as the metropolitan planning organization for the St. Louis region
  • An explanation of the mission and vision statements that guide the agency’s public involvement efforts.
  • A description of the goals, objectives, and strategies employed by EWG to translate the mission and vision of the Plan into action.
  • A summary of the agency’s core products and their related public involvement requirements. This includes the Unified Planning Work Program, the Long-Range Transportation Plan, and the Transportation Improvement Program.
  • An overview of EWG’s current approaches to reach the public and garner input, ranging from committees staffed by citizens and professionals to the use of newsletters and social media.

Send Us Your Comments

We encourage you to review and comment on the draft Public Involvement Plan. Your feedback will be included along with the final Public Involvement Plan when it is presented to EWG’s Board of Directors. Here’s how you can provide your input:

  • You can send us your comments via email. Please use the subject line “Comments on Draft Public Involvement Plan.”
  • You can submit comments by mail to:

    Public Involvement Plan Comments
    East-West Gateway Council of Governments
    1 S. Memorial Drive, Suite 1600
    St. Louis MO  63102

If you have any questions about the Public Involvement Plan, please contact Roz Rodgers at 314-421-4220 or