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About East-West Gateway's Transportation Program

By designating East-West Gateway as the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the St. Louis region, the federal government and interstatethe states have vested legal authority and responsibility in East-West Gateway for the development and adoption of long- and short-range regional transportation plans. Any transportation project within the boundaries of the eight member counties that will be wholly or partially funded with federal dollars must be contained in one of East-West Gateway's approved plans. Transportation planning is not simply an exercise in design and engineering. It requires understanding and addressing the complex relationship between mobility and the region's economy, community, and ecology and its final product is an evolving federal, state, and local transportation investment strategy to serve the region's broad quality of life goals. For that reason, the tools of planning include population and employment estimates, land use and transportation facility inventories and maps, environmental quality assessments, computer models of existing and future travel patterns, and activities to engage interest groups and community residents in setting priorities.

As the above list indicates, East-West Gateway's transportation activities range from long-range planning to very focused corridor or subarea planning, from MetroLink planning to non-mobilized mobility planning, from freight planning to human services planning.  Regardless of the planning effort, the goal is to provide accessibility and mobility in a safe, efficient, and effective manner.


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