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The Long-Range Transportation Plan
 for the St. Louis Region


East-West Gateway is responsible for developing the region's Long Range Transportation Plan. This plan offers our vision and priorities for the St. Louis transportation system including highways, bridges, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian routes and serves as the framework for regional transportation decision-making and investments.  This document is updated every 4 years and must balance technical needs, budgetary constraints and public desires. Public input and engagement is central to the success of our efforts and we are committed to engaging our stakeholders in a variety of ways.

On Wednesday, June 24, 2015, East-West Gateway's  Board of Directors approved the new long-range transportation plan, the state of the system report, and the air quality conformity document.

(20.9 mg pdf file)
State of the System Report
(12.3 mg pdf file)
Air Quality Conformity
Determination and Documentation
8-Hour Ozone and PM 2.5

(4.7 mg pdf file)

Facts & Trends

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The image below shows how we included and informed the public during the entire planning and development process.



Review the feedback received during our first Technical Stakeholder Workshop on October 30th, 2014:


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Survey Results

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