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As the region's Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), East-West Gateway is charged with the responsibility of periodically developing a RegionalMapmetropolitan transportation plan that identifies how federal transportation dollars will be spent in the eight-county St. Louis region over the next 20 years. East-West Gateway successfully meets this requirement by implementing a performance-based planning process centered around the transportation customer that evaluates needs and prioritizes transportation investments against six focus areas including system preservation, safety, congestion, access to opportunity, sustainable development and the movement of goods.

Throughout the plan update process, public involvement is key. Citizens representing diverse interests from across our region ar engaged for public input. The public is invited to share their perspective on what needs are currently most underserved and what direction the region should pursue to advance a shared vision.

The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP2040) (published in 2011), the FY 2012-2015 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and the Air Quality Conformity Determination and Documentation (AQCD) reports were approved by Gateway's Board of Directors on June 29, 2011.  The primary purpose of this plan is to set forth a regional policy and planning framework to guide decision-making regarding the growth and development of St. Louis region.


Regional Transportation Plan 2040 (approved by East-West Gateway's Board of Directors on June 29, 2011.)

Click to view RTP 2040 Technical Supplement Doc.

The State of the System and Technical Supplement to RTP 2040  (July 2011)


These documents were open for public comment from Tuesday, May 17, 2011, through Friday, June 17, 2011.    The comments were considered in developing the final versions of the Regional Transportation Plan 2040, the TIP and the Air Quality Conformity document.  The Council's Board of Directors approved them at their June 29th meeting.


The RTP2040 was aided by East-West Gateway's Renewing the Region initiative, which began in June RTP-2040Icon-sm2009. This initiative kicked off with a regional forum and was followed by more than 30 large and small group discussions throughout the region, an East-West Gateway Board of Directors retreat and an online discussion blog. The dialogue centered on the region's assets, problems and prospects with an eye to determining key metropolitan values for the future growth and success of the region. The Renewing the Region initiative was the first phase of the development of the region's 2011 long-range plan.

The ideas and information collected through Renewing the Region led to the creation of ten guiding principles that were adopted by the East-West Gateway Board at its regular meeting in May 2010 as a framework for moving forward with the long-range plan update.  The principles are as follows:

    • Preserve and maintain the existing system
    • Support public transportation
    • Support neighborhoods and communities throughout the region
    • Foster a vibrant downtown
    • Support a diverse economy throughout the region
    • Provide more transportation choices
    • Promote safety and security
    • Support quality job development
    • Strengthen intermodal connections
    • Link transportation to housing, environment, education and energy

The next phase of the process set forth regional goals, strategies and priorities.  Staff included regional citizens to gather ideas and input to help shape the final plan.

Previous Long Range Transportation Plan:


Legacy 2035
Transportation Plan Update

Published in June 2007

Supporting Documents:

Focus Groups:

Other Presentations:


Legacy 2030
Transportation Plan Update

Published in March 2005


Supporting Documents and Presentations

An endeavor as large as updating the region's transportation plan produced several documents and presentations, as noted below:

Citizen Engagements

To help us understand the interaction of the transportation system with the rest of the region, Council staff conducted a variety of citizen engagement activities designed to elicit the issues and needs of those who live and work in the St. Louis region.

Input from the citizen engagement activities helpted to guide staff in the development of principles and strategies for the long-range plan. If you have questions or additional comments regarding any of the meeting summaries below, contact the LRP staff.


Legacy 2025
The Transportation Plan for the Gateway Region

Published in March 2002

Supporting Documents and Presentations

Public Engagements

To help us understand the interaction of the transportation system with the rest of the region, Council staff conducted a variety of public engagement activities in 2001 and 2002 that were designed to elicit the issues and needs of those who live and work in the St. Louis region.  In addition to the community meetings held around the region, staff also facilitated several topic-specific roundtables and committee work sessions.  Public input from these activities helped guide staff in developing the principles and strategies of the Long-Range Plan.

Below is a list of the activities presented during the study period.


Transportation Redefined II
Building on a Solid Foundation for 2020
Published in March 1999

Supporting Documents:

  • 2020 Regional Transportation Plan
  • Strategic Investment Portfolio, updated description of strategic investments in the Draft St. Louis Regional Long Range Transportation Plan, February 8, 1999
  • papers designed to stimulate and develop ideas for the region's long-range transportation plan:  note:  contact our LRP staff for more info on these issue papers
  • Air Quality Conformity Finding Documentation (zip file) -- the air quality analysis conducted as part of the development of Transportation Redefined II and the resulting Finding of Conformity is documented in the Air Quality Conformity Finding and Documentation for the Transportation Improvement Program for FY 2001-2003 ( maintain existing link), approved by USDOT on August 24, 2000.  Please refer to the Air Quality section for information on more recent air quality conformity analyses and findings.
  • Map Supplement

Transportation Redefined
A Plan for the Region's Future
Published in March 1995

Transportation Redefined -  the initial long-range transportation plan for the St. Louis region. First adopted in 1994, it articulates regional goals and objectives to ensure that transportation decisions are made within the context of the metropolitan area's social and economic well-being, establishes seven focus areas to guide strategic problem solving – preservation of the existing infrastructure; travel safety and security; congestion management; access to opportunity; efficient movement of goods; sustainable development; and resource conservation – and defines a process for planning, selecting, and implementing needed transportation improvements. Along with defining the principles and process for transportation decision-making, the plan lists highway and transit projects that should be implemented during the next twenty years, as well as defining corridors where future transportation investments are needed but where further study is necessary to identify the best investment strategy.

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