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There is a tremendous amount of information and resources connected to this regional planning effort. We do our best to house all of these resources on appropriate places throughout the website. Additionally, we will use this library as a catalog of all resources we mention in the updates, newsletters and in other places on the site. If you cannot find a document you had seen before or do not know where to find it, check the Resource pages or contact us at

General Information:


    St. Louis Regional Sustainable Communities newsletter is published every two weeks. Each newsletter provides information and dates of upcoming committee meetings, committee updates, a spotlight on Consortium partner projects and information on additional upcoming events.

News Articles

Building a sustainable region, a community at a time” - St. Louis Beacon, online newsletter, posted  Sunday, 01/08.12, explains East-West Gateway’s sustainability project and the communities and impact on the region

Urban Nation” - In Issue 29 of Next American City magazine, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan discusses the new approach of the Obama administration and HUD to urban planning “to streamline the agencies, and use local innovation to implement policies with a sense of place.”

Other Documents

Outside Resources

Best Practices Toolkit Information

The following information is posted here for RPSD committee members to access as they develop content for the Best Practices Toolkit.  The Best Practices Toolkit is being developed as part of the regional plan, and it is a voluntary resource to local governments interested in adopting sustainability practices in their communities.  The final toolkit will be available in the Fall of 2013 along with the final regional sustainability plan.  For more information, please contact Megan Riechman, HeartLands Conservancy,     

  • RPSD Toolkit Fillable Form: If you would like to contribute to the toolkit, either a whole Practice or part of a Practice, this is the form you will use to send in your materials. As the metadata explains, there are only three required sections: Practice Name, Keywords and Your contact info. This allows you to just submit a Case Study, References or Policy info for example. All “completed” forms should be submitted to Megan Riechmann, HeartLands Conservancy,
  • RPSD Toolkit Metadata:  This document explains the “fillable form” - it answers many questions and provides the guidelines that will get the kind of content we are looking for. 
  • Master BMP List: There should be one “PRIME” contact for each Practice – responsible for either the whole form, or for delegating it or pieces of it to others. These folks are marked with a (P) after their name. Contact them directly if you would like to contribute content to a practice. There are some folks only signed up to contribute case studies, so they have been marked with (CS) after their name. And then folks with no letters after their names are other contributors to the Practice that the Prime knows are willing to help compile and contribute content.
    • Notes:
      • You are not “prohibited” from signing up for a Practice that already has names listed behind it, there is no such thing as “too many cooks in the kitchen” for this project. We don’t want any holes!
      • Those Practices highlighted in yellow are “orphans” and need someone to adopt them.
      • This is a “living” document. Practices may be added and/or removed as we begin to compile and contribute content. So be sure to check back.


For more information or questions about the RPSD project, contact us at

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