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MetroLink Northside-Southside Study

The Northside-Southside Study was sponsored by East-West Gateway, along with MNorthsideLogoetro and the Missouri Department of Transportation. The purpose of this study was to build upon previous planning efforts that recommended light rail and other transit improvements for St. Louis City.

 Northside-Southside Study Overview.
Newsletters: Northside-Southside Study - Planning Transit Improvements for St. Louis City


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The study team completed the final reports for the Northside-Southside Study. These reports document the impacts associated with the alignment approved by the East-West Gateway Board of Directors in the fall of 2007.


In 2007, East-West Gateway’s Board of Directors approved a potential MetroLink extension in the City of St. Louis. The board’s vote means that if or when light rail is expanded in the City, this is the route that should be considered.


The Northside-Southside Major Transit Improvements Study was the next step toward implementing MetroLink and other transit improvements in the City of St. Louis. LambertTrainSMIn 2000, East-West Gateway and its partners, Metro and the Missouri Department of Transportation, completed multi-modal planning studies, known as Major Transportation Investment Analyses (MTIAs), that identified transportation problems and recommended solutions. Two of the three corridors that were studied during the MTIAs were Northside and Southside. The MTIAs resulted in locally preferred alternatives being selected for each corridor that included proposed MetroLink extensions and other major transit improvements.

The Northside-Southside Study built upon the MTIAs’ recommendations. For the Northside corridor, the preferred transit alternative was a MetroLink line running from downtown St. Louis north by using rights-of-way along several streets including 14th Street, Natural Bridge Avenue, and West Florissant Avenue into North St. Louis County. Two potential preferred alternatives were selected for the Southside corridor. One was a MetroLink extension from downtown St. Louis running south using rights-of-way within 14th Street, Chouteau Avenue, the Union Pacific Railroad track and along I-55. The other possible design was a Bus Rapid Transit system from downtown south via Market Street, Grand Boulevard, to rights-of-way alongside the Union Pacific Railroad track and Loughborough Avenue, then via I-55 to South St. Louis County. The study area maps include the routes recommended during the MTIAs.

The Northside-Southside Study reexamined the locally preferred alternatives from the MTIAs by performing conceptual engineering and environmental analysis. East-West Gateway and its partners hired a consulting team, led by HNTB, to conduct the study. The study team followed National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements as well as other federal and state regulations. The result was locally preferred alternatives that are developed to a 10% level of MetroLinkWithHousesengineering design. The final work product will included the costs and benefits of each alternative, station locations and design, economic development opportunities and environmental impacts.

Funding for the Northside-Southside Study was made possible from the sale of Transportation Development Tax Credits from the State of Missouri. These credits can only be applied to transportation improvements in areas defined as Distressed Communities under Missouri law, such as the City of St. Louis. As such, only portions of the Northside and Southside corridors that were studied during the MTIAs were part of the Northside-Southside Study.

Study Team

East-West Gateway Council of Governments and its partners hired a consulting team to conduct the Northside-Southside Study:

  • Project Management, Transit Planning, Land Use and Environmental Analysis: HNTB
  • Engineering and Station Planning: URS
  • Public Engagement and Communications: Vector Communications

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