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    Renewing the Region News Update Newsletter

    Renewing the Region News Uppdate Newsletter - Current Issue
    Issues 1-3 - 2009 - Articles: "Renewing the Region" initiative begins; Board Committee named; Metro's long-range transit planning complements "Renewing the Region"; Survey reveals both obstacles to prosperity, and strengths of region



  • Current Gateways NewsletterWinter 2012 - Highlights include:  the OLGA awards and winners from East-West Gateway's Annual Meeting in November 2011, the release of our signature document Where We Stand - 6th edition,  Renewing the Region blog discussing demographic data and social shifts, and STARRS medical operations center

  • Spring 2011 - Highlights include: introducing Gateway's new executive director, Ed Hillhouse,  the 2010 OLGA Awards, Planning grant to foster regional collaboration, EWG as host to national AMPO Conference
  • Summer 2010 - Highlights include: Status of Illinois levees and insurance cost; "Workforce" housing--Creating whole communities; Outlook for transit improves--Metro devises long-range plan; Metro Air Support--Looking down from the sky to assist area emergency responders.

    Spring 2009 - Highlights include: Demands for economic recovery exceeds funding, 2008 OLGA awards, and report reveals ineffectiveness of local development incentives
  • Fall 2008 - Highlights include: Propositions M and H; McKinley Bridge back again; Best laid plans go awry; Gateway Station; Public policy

  • Spring 2008 - Highlights include: Flood zone remapping, 2007 OLGAs, region's share of funding drops, revealing regional trends

  • Spring 2007 - Highlights include: Where St. Louis Stands; 2006 OLGA Award Recipients; Deficit Could DeRail Metro Progress; The Great Characteristics of Great Streets

  • Spring 2006 -  key articles: Bridging the Moat; OLGA Awards Given at Annual Meeting; How We See It Survey; TravelSafe Zones Marked; STARRS Planning Ahead; New Website for Possible City Metro Routes

  • The previous years' versions of Gateways can be found in the zip file: Gateways-Archives.  Some key articles in these issues are:
    • The City's Population Stabilizes; Merging Possibilities: Clayton and Richmond Heights; Transportation Safety Campaign Begins;  Regional Approach Taken to Capitols; Plan Devised for Disasters; School Bus Emissions Targeted; Council Seeks Proposals for Enhancement Projects; Council Brings Accountability to Project Management; Interim Report Builds Momentum for Regional Self-Assessment; Paying for Legacy 2025; Board of Directors Receives Census Report; Water Resources Council Activities; Regional Workforce Audit; Greater West End Revival; Comprehensive Travel Survey Planned; Board of Directors Redefines Reasonable Progress; Neighborhood Enhancement Projects; Water Resources Advisory Council; Regional Jobs Initiative; Transportation Policy Council; Cooperative Workforce Development Planning;  TIF and Regional Strategy; Community Improvement Challenge Grants; and Transportation Financing in the New Century

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