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St. Louis Regional Freight Study

EWGCOG's Freight Planning Program is designed to assure the full incorporation of freight into the transportation planning process. This is achieved through stakeholder engagement, research, and the treatment of freight in the Long Range Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program.

In Cooperation with IDOT, MoDOT, and the regional freight community, the Council completed an evaluation of the regional freight system. The Study established the regional economic impact of the freight industry, the adequacy of existing infrastructure relative to existing and future demand, and opportunities for enhancing the region’s role in the national and international freight movement system.

The intent of this effort is to frame support for conclusions regarding the current status of freight movement through the Region, as well as the future ability of local freight infrastructure to sustain growth in jobs and economic opportunity for the Region in rapidly changing domestic and global economies.

St. Louis Regional Freight Study
St. Louis Regional Freight Study - Final Report - June 2013 (10.5 mg - pdf file)
Freight Study - Executive Summary
St. Louis Regional Freight Study - Executive Summary - June 2013 (4.9 mg - pdf file)
Freight Study - Appendix
St. Louis Regional Freight Study - Appendix  - June 2013 (22.5 mg - pdf file)

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Other Plans/Studies/Documents


Strategic Action Plan for St. Louis' Regional Freight Partnership, September 2014
(1.2 mb - pdf file)
Southwestern Illinois Freight Transportation Study -
August 2015 (6.8 mb - pdf file)

IDOT Freight Mobility Plan,
December 2012
- December 2012 (12.4 mb - pdf file)

MoDOT State Freight Plan - December 2014
(1.7 mb - pdf file)

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