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Everyday -

  • Conserve energy at home, work, everywhere.
  • Carpool, use mass transit and MetroLink, walk or bicycle whenever possible.
  • Limit use of oil-based paints and solvents.  Limit use of fume-producing household products.
  • Keep cars, boats and other gas engines tuned-up according to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Be sure tires are properly inflated.
  • Be careful not to spill fuel; always tighten gas cap securely; never top off gas tank.


On Days Forecasted to Have High Ozone Values (An Air Quality Index of 100 or Greater) -

  • Set air conditioner no lower than 78o to conserve energy.
  • Share a ride or use mass transit or MetroLink; bicycle or walk errands when possible.
  • Avoid using oil- and solvent-based paints, degreasers or lighter fluid.
  • Defer use of gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment (mowers, etc.).
  • Refuel cars and trucks after dusk to reduce daytime pollution releases.
  • Combine errands and reduce trips.
  • Limit vehicle idling when possible.
  • Source - St. Louis Regional Clean Air Partnership

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