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Missouri Monitors

1. Arnold West

Jefferson County

2. Orchard Farm

St. Charles County

3. West Alton

St. Charles County

4.Maryland Heights

St. Louis County

5. Pacific

St. Louis County

6. Blair

St. Louis County

Illinois Monitors

7. Wood River

Madison County

8. Maryville

Madison County

9. Alton

Madison County

10. East St. Louis

St. Clair County

One component for measuring the effectiveness of local air pollution control programs is the ongoing collection of ozone data generated by a network of 13 air pollutant monitors located throughout the St. Louis area.  These monitors are operated and maintained by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, the St. Louis County Air Pollution Control Program and the City of St. Louis Air Pollution Control Program.


During the ozone season (April-October), the Environmental Services section of EWGCOG acts as a clearinghouse for daily measured ozone data and helps to insure quality control on all monitored data.  EWGCOG collects ozone data from the monitoring agencies for the previous day covering the period 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CST.  The data is examined for problems, missing values and exceedances of the eight-hour ozone standard (greater than 0.75 ppm) and maximum eight-hour averages by monitor.  This information is entered into a computer spreadsheet program for which the measurement unit is parts per billion (ppb).  The data assembled by EWGCOG  is screened by staff to insure no missing or skewed data enter the reporting system.  Weekly reports are prepared by staff and forwarded to the monitoring agencies and USEPA.

Four Highest Maximum Eight-Hour Ozone Averages by Monitor by Year:




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