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The 2004 National Research Council report "Air Quality Management in the United States" and  the 2007 Clean Air Act Advisory Committee both recommended that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) move away from a "stove pipe", single pollutant, approach toward a integrated, multi-pollutant management process to assess all future air quality needs.  In 2007 USEPA initiated the Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) pilot project.  The two year effort was designed to take a comprehensive review of the air quality management planning process with a multi-pollutant focus and identify and test new approaches.  It was a strategic planning exercise to gain knowledge and experience. 

There were three main goals of the AQMP pilot project.  The first goal was to develop a multi-pollutant planning framework to address ongoing attainment/maintenance of all NAAQS pollutants, reduce risks from hazardous air pollutants (or air toxics), improve visibility and ecosystems health and better address environmental justice concerns.  Another goal was to achieve a planning process that is more cost-effective, less resource-intensive, provides industry with greater certainty, saves money and provides consistency.  Finally, the air quality management plan was to delineate how other planning issues (transportation, energy, land use and climate) could be integrated into the air quality planning process.

USEPA initiated three pilot projects with partnered with the States of New York (interest in climate change and energy issues) and North Carolina (interest in health and environmental efforts) and Missouri/Illinois, St. Louis area (multi-state metropolitan area).  USEPA provided assistance on technical and policy issues and will compare project outcomes to traditional planning efforts.  The AQMP pilot project did not replace any State Implementation Plan work.

The St. Louis was selected as a pilot area because USEPA was interested in including a multi-state area which had common interests and a history of working together. The St. Louis work team was made up of representatives from Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, USEPA Regions 5 and 7, USEPA Research Triangle Park, the City of St. Louis, the American Lung Association Central States and the East-West Gateway Council of Governments.  The work team  attempted to consolidate and improve the traditional approach towards air quality management within the St. Louis area.

Over the two year period the St. Louis work team produced a number of "milestone" documents in support of the pilot project.  They are listed below.

For more information about USEPA's Air Quality Management Plan pilot project go to .




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