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Air Quality Index (AQI) Calendar

The Air Quality Index, or AQI, is a standardized way to present information on air quality.  It is designed to help inform the public about air pollution levels in their area and associated health impact.  To obtain the AQI for a particular day during the ozone season (April - October), the maximum 8-hour average is entered into US-EPA's AQI conversion calculator.    Ozone values in the AQI run from 0 (satisfactory) to 500 (hazardous).  An AQI value of 100 corresponds to the National Ambient Air Quality Standard established for a pollutant.  Starting in 2016, the AQI is based on the strengthened 2015 eight-hour ozone standard.

The East-West Gateway AQI Calendar graphically presents the AQI for the ozone season.  The AQI Calendar converts the daily AQI into its respective color code (i.e., green for good, yellow for moderate, etc.).  The viewer can instantly observe the ozone season and the vairous ozone episodes and their severity.

AQI Calendars


April-October 2016
April-October 2015
April-October 2014

April-October 2013

AQI Calendars - 2001-2012
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PM 2.5 forecasts and information, as well as ozone information, are available on USEPA's AirNow website at .

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