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Air Quality Advisory Committee

Past Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Stacy Allen
David Boomberg
Darcy Bybee
  Lance Feezel
Jack Fishman
Susannah Fuchs

 Mike Henderson
Jerry J. Kane
Pat Kelly
Delores Lysakowski
Gary Marshall

Brad McMahon
Heather Navarro
Michael J. Right
Jeremy Rogus
Christopher Schmidt

Eric Schneider
Steve Schneider
Ryan Tilley
Betsy Tracy
James Watson


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Executive Advisory Committee

Meeting Schedule for 2017
Past Meeting Agendas/Minutes
Jonathan Zimmermann, Chairman
Jim Fields, Vice Chair

Voting Members


Tracy Beidleman
David Courtway
Thomas Curran
Ronald Davis
Travis Dierker
Gary Elmestad

Maurice Falls
John Greifzu
Joseph Hagerty
Barb Hohlt
Greg Horn
Douglas Hulme

Jeffrey Keirn
Pat Kelly
Aaron Metzger
Judy NelsonStephanie Leon Streeter
Kevin Terveer
Todd Waelterman

Mokhtee Ahmad
Bruce Carmitchel
Deeann Ducote
Michael Henderson
Curtis Jones
Brad McMahon
Hart Nelson
Mark Schenkelberg
Betsy Tracy

St. Louis Bicycle & Pedestrian  Advisory Committee

This committee meets quarterly in January, April, July and October at 2:00 p.m. in the Council’s Board Room.  Please check our online calendar to verify the date and time of the next meeting.

Past Meeting Agendas/Minutes
Curtis Jones, Chair
Vacant, Vice-Chair

Laura Ellen
John Hicks
Karen Karabell

John Kohler
Grace Kyung
Donovan Larson

Elizabeth Simons
Mary Vandevord
Bryan Werner

Jamie Wilson
Jeremy Wolfmeyer

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Transportation Planning Committee

This committee generally meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. in the Council’s Board Room.  Please check our online calendar to verify the date and time of the next meeting.

Meeting Schedule for 2017
Past Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Missouri TPC Group:
Ted Medler - co-chair

Illinois TPC Group:
James Fields - co-chair


Tracy Beidleman
Richard Bradley
Amanda Brauer
Maurice Falls
Mike Henderson
Jason Jonas
Pat Kelly

Grace Kyung
Jessica Mefford-Miller
Hart Nelson
Wesley Stephen
Craig Tajkowski
Ron Williams

Bill Grogan
Mark Gvillo
Kevin Hutchinson
Jerry J. Kane

Jeffrey Keirn
Aaron Metzger
John Miller
Richard Sauget

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Water Resources Committee

Mike Alesandrini
Kathy Andria
Steven Brendel
Kimberly Bauman
Russell Batzel
David Berger   
Roland Biehl
Tracy Boaz    
Lonny Boring
Bradley Brown
Kristine Davies
Katherine Dockery
Lisa Douglas
Mark Eshelman

Christine Favilla
Timothy Ganz
Terri Gaston
Tracy Haag
Scott Harding
Rancy Hastings
Kathleen Henry
Steven Herrington
Dennis Hogan
Jay Hoskins
John Johnson
Clint Jones
Eric Karch
Lance LeComb

Traci Lichtenberg
Bruce Litzsinger
Alicia Lloyd
Mark Meyer
Jen Myerscough
Chris Neaville
Patrick Osborne
Jaime Paige
Rick Pershall
Keith Piontek
Brian Porter
Todd Sampsell
Emily Schwartze Post
David Shanks

J. Ronald Sides
Karen Siebenberger
Curt Skouby
Shawn Sullivan
Mark Tranel
Robert Veenstra
Joseph Vujnich
Roger Walker
Angie Weber
John Weber
Edward J. Weilbacher
Karla Wilson
Nicole Young
Jianpeng Zhou

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