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Public Involvement Section

In order to better understand the needs and concerns of residents of the St. Louis region, Citizen ParticipationEast-West Gateway staff participate in many public involvement activities engage citizens in our regional problem-solving activities. Our commitment and approach are based on four important beliefs:

  • Citizens should know how decisions are made about the investment of tax dollars in public projects.
  • Individuals and communities impacted by the outcome of regional decisions want to have their opinions and perspectives taken into consideration.
  • Planners cannot maintain current and relevant knowledge about regional UrbanLeaguePixproblems without learning from citizens directly affected.

  • The best plans are those that reflect a reasonable balance between local and regional priorities, such as equity, cost-effectiveness, and metropolitan growth.

St. Louis Mosaic: St. Louis Foreign Born Communities


Public Meetings

Transportation Planning and Public Engagement

To help our elected officials make good transportation decisions, East-West Gateway oversees a four-stage transportation planning and decision-making process.  Transportation needs in the St. Louis region constantly change.  That’s why the four-stage process developed by East-West Gateway is dynamic rather than static, flexible rather than rigid.  The transportation planning fact sheet (link below) describes and illustrates the four-stage transportation planning and decision-making process.

Transportation Planning Fact Sheet


East-West Gateway’s Strategy for Agency-Wide Citizen Engagement

Citizen EngagementIn 2004, Gateway revised its strategy for including citizens in regional planning and problem-solving activities as well as keeping them informed on current and proposed projects.  This new strategy included four key components: communication, consultation, cooperation, and community-based outreach.  In September of that year , East-West Gateway’s Board of Directors approved a strategy for agency-wide citizen engagement.

In 2007 the Council refined its Citizen Engagement Policy again.  In addition to transportation, East-West Gateway’s planning responsibilities include other regional matters like the environment, land use, regional security and economic growth. Since these regional issues affect St. Louis area residents, participation by the public is essential to ensure that the broadest range of views will inform regional decisions. Gateway’s Board of Directors approved this document in June 2007.  This revised Public Involvement Plan describes the agency’s work and sets out how East-West Gateway will engage and involve residents on regional issues to ensure their meaningful participation. Reaching citizens who traditionally have not been involved is a significant focus of the Plan.

Public Involvement Plan 2009
2007 Public Involvement Plan
Strategy to Engage Citizens in Regional Problem-Solving

Other Public Engagement Endeavors

Presentation: Transportation Community Engagement PlanTransportation Community Engagement Plan Slideshow

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